SDxWiki Reborn

This site is a conversion of our old and stagnant UseMod wiki to a new form. The content, aside from this new introductory section and some added meta-pages, is as it was, but now embodied as Markdown files in a private GitHub project. Editing pages is awkward, but may improve at some point in the future. Bulk edits are best done by cloning the GitHub project and editing locally.

Anyone interested in helping with improvements or maintenance, please reach out to Dan Muller for access to relevant Azure resources. Updates to pages (to, for example, remove or replace UseModisms) are welcome.

Welcome to the SDxWiki

That's 'S' as in Spooky, 'Dx' as in Distance. (The DX abbreviation comes from radio jargon.)

If you're new to this wiki, or having problems of any sort, go see About SDxWiki immediately.


Is there anybody out there?

6/20/07 JDH - Wow, SDx is over 5 years old now - and, err, we didn't exactly make that killer game did we? No worries! At least we're all still employed. I just took a brief trip down memory lane by surfing these pages...

What a difference 5 years makes!

I'm still toying with the idea of making a game. But my goals are far more tame - I just want to use it as a vehicle to do some coding just for fun and pick up a new skill or two. Because I became a "Java guy" I decided that to learn C# I'll write a game. I picked up "Professional Game Programming using XNA" from Wrox Press. We'll see how it goes. I've already become distracted :-) - I started looking for the origins of a game I played as a kid. I didn't remember the name and the "genre" is difficult to describe. However:

If you come across this then drop us a line on the Wiki!

All the best, John "still dreaming" H.

DWM: Still dreaming, too. Took a wrong turn into language implementation, the sort of low-level stuff that I like. Working on an implementation of Common Lisp that compiles to IL and runs on the Common Language Runtime. Well, I was working on it, until the weather got warm and a zillion home maintenance and improvement tasks popped up. Been a wicked busy year for me. Come late fall, I expect to get back to CLinNET, as I call my project. (Common Lisp in .NET -- catchy name, eh?)

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